Electric Light Parade

Electric Light Parade

It is that time of year again, we will be participating in the APS Electrical Light Parade! This years theme is “Magic of the Holidays”.  This is an easy and fun ride, thousands of spectators will be lining the streets where we will be spreading holiday cheer. It is super simple to decorate your quad/UTV, all you need are a few strands of lights and an inverter. Ryan and I decorate with 4 sets of net lights and zip ties 🙂 Inverters can be purchased at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.

On Saturday December 1st Ryan and I will be staging at the church parking lot at 3pm, please plan to arrive between 3-4pm. At 4pm the staging area will be closed off and you will not be able to drive in to unload your vehicle.

We will have a table set up for those who would like to participate in the potluck.

Parade Route:

The APS Electric Light Parade entries are staged at North Phoenix Baptist Church (larger units may be staged on Central Avenue). Entries head out of the church southbound on Central Avenue (the actual route begins at Montebello). Entries head south on Central until they reach Camelback Road at which point they turn east and head up to 7th Street. At 7th Street, entries turn south and continue down 7th Street until they reach Indian School Road which is the end of the route. The route is approximately 2.3 miles long and takes entries about 55 minutes to reach the end.

Parade Guidelines:

 Entries are required to keep pace with the line of march; there are no counter or reverse marches, or stunts contrary to forward progress allowed on the APS Electric Light Parade route. (These activities cause gaps in the APS Electric Light Parade.)

 The APS Electric Light Parade has ONLY ONE live Santa Claus; additional Santa’s are STRICTLY prohibited. Additionally, Mrs. Claus is staying home at the North Pole so use is also strictly prohibited.

 For the safety of our spectators absolutely nothing is to be thrown, tossed, launched, etc. to the crowd from an entry.

 All parade entries must be appropriate, tasteful, festive, promote the holiday spirit and parade theme.

 Only children 8 years of age and older will be permitted to march or walk in the APS Electric Light Parade.

 Children under the age of 8 are permitted to ride on or in a unit provided all regulatory seat belt and car seat laws are followed.

 Religious expression is not prohibited, but proselytizing is prohibited. Please be sensitive to others beliefs.

 All entries are required to provide a person to walk (walking marshal) to lead their entry (Instructions are provided in these guidelines).

 No alcoholic beverages of any kind will be allowed in the staging area, on the float or APS Electric Light Parade route. Consumption is a violation of AZ State law (4244.20). Consumption of alcohol by any individual will result in immediate removal from the event.

 If you suffer a breakdown during the parade, move the vehicle to the right side and allow the entries behind you to pass.

**We need a Walking Marshal**

 All entries are required to provide a person to walk (walking marshal) to lead/accompany the entry; if an entry does not have a walking marshal the night of the APS Electric Light Parade, that unit or group will be pulled.

 Walking Marshal (WM) must carry a lit entry number for entry identification for the judges and ensure the number is visible as the entry approaches the judges table, sound stations and ABC15 areas. Entry number is issued at the event information table approximately 2 hours before the start of the parade.

 WM must be at least 16 years of age.

 WM must be dressed in black (black pants, black shirt, black shoes).

 WM are required to walk approximately five feet in front of the entry and, through communication with their entry, maintain the pace required to ensure no gaps are created.

 WM must have the ability to listen, follow instructions and communicate issues to the parade marshals along the route.

 WM must be able to provide instruction/direction to their entry. If your entry suffers a breakdown during the parade, move the entry to the right side and communicate with and allow the entries behind you to pass. WM must notify the closest parade monitor of the breakdown (map and list will be provided).


Such as in years past we will be driving back to the church after the parade back to our recovery vehicles, for those who will be parking at the end of the parade route I will have more information for you at a later date.

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